Body Hair Removal: The Brazilian Wax

Body Hair Removal: The Brazilian Wax

Esteem and, interestingly, there are various ways to groom yourself around the bikini area. Depending on your preference, you can choose to be au natural, shaved, or waxed. Shaving and waxing are hair removal methods; however, they remove hair differently. Shaving gives more of a trim; only removing hair above the skin without touching its roots, while waxing works by pulling hair roots straight from their follicles. 



The most common hair removal techniques that employ Wax are bikini and Brazilian Wax. A bikini wax does not attempt to remove all hair around the pubic region and the bottom. Instead, it focuses on removing hair in the inner thighs and body parts in the nether regions that are not covered by a bikini. A French bikini wax is a form of the standard bikini wax, and the main difference is that more hair is removed. This allows for more swimsuit options for a client. Generally, hairs on the labia and bottom areas remain untouched for both Bikini and French bikini wax.

On the other hand, Brazilian Wax is a complete form of pubic hair grooming that removes all hair in your bikini region. Unlike bikini wax, hair around the labia and bum is removed, and a client must be nude for this waxing technique. Aestheticians might leave their clients with a frontal “landing strip” of hair, a shape, or nothing. 


Personal grooming is essential to boosting your self-.


Brazilian Wax is the most popular waxing technique. It was introduced by Brazilian siblings known as the J sisters. They came to New York City and opened their salon in 1987, where they offered their new waxing method. This technique of hair removal comes with many benefits over shaving. There is no risk of cuts or razor burn. It leaves the skin smooth and allows hair to grow back slower and more refined. The major drawback of waxing is the amount of pain one would go through during a session, and the pain is even more present if you opt for Brazilian waxing. The first time getting a wax is always the worst due to the presence of coarse hairs that face different directions. Thankfully, a client will experience less pain in subsequent waxing sessions. A waxing session can take three to six weeks, depending on your personal hair growth and your aesthetician’s application skills. This can give a client who is used to shaving additional daily relief. 



Hard and soft Wax are two significant waxes used during a Brazilian treatment session. Hard Wax is gentler and less painful to remove from your skin. It is best suited for sensitive areas. On the other hand, soft Wax is used on less sensitive large areas like the lower parts of the belly, legs, or backs. If you intend to wax your body by yourself at home, you should not dive into it blindly. Ensure you have gone through a waxing session by an aesthetician and have been adequately educated on the right way to use soft and Hard Wax.



There are many factors to consider before getting a wax treatment to ensure a pleasant experience. If you have any concerns about your skin’s sensitivity and how it may react to the swift tugging of Wax, you are advised to consult your doctor before booking your first waxing session. The ideal hair length for a Brazilian Wax is ¼ inch (one-quarter of an inch). If you have been shaving previously, you will need to stop shaving for at least one to two weeks before your appointment. Also, if your hair is longer than ¼ inch, your aesthetician will trim it down to the appropriate length. 


How should you prepare for your Brazilian Wax?

Below are some tips and practices that will make your experience less painful. 


●    Be prepared for the pain

Getting a wax session might be a harrowing experience for first-timers. The intensity of the pain will depend on your pain tolerance. An hour before your Brazilian wax session, a simple way to reduce the pain is to take painkillers, like ibuprofen. It will help to take the edge off. Do not turn to alcohol to reduce or ignore the pain. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, and since the treatment is carried out in a sensitive area, alcohol can significantly increase sensitivity and encourage bruising around your nether regions. Furthermore, do not exercise before and after your treatment. This is advised because friction and sweat might irritate the skin. 


●    Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes During Your Treatment

On the day of your Brazilian waxing session, make sure to don loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. This is necessary because, after your treatment, there is a high chance that your skin is red, sensitive, and irritated. Tight-  여자 브라질리언 왁싱 fitting clothes will rub against your skin, and it may cause increased irritation which will lead to an unpleasant experience.


●    Do not Make an Appointment During Your Time of The Month

During your time of the month, your skin is susceptible, and getting treatment at this time will be very painful. Also, do not schedule an appointment a few days before your period or immediately after. The skin in your bikini area will still be sensitive a couple of days after your cycle. 


●    Know the Type of Style You Want 

Getting a Brazilian wax does not necessarily mean all the hair in your bikini region gets removed. If you like a stylish hair design to be left, you can request to leave a “landing strip” pattern or a triangle shape. 


Taking Care of Yourself Post Wax


Make sure you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and clean underwear to your Brazilian wax treatment session. This will provide the slightest irritation post-wax. Ensure to use gentle products on your skin. Aloe Vera is a great anti-inflammatory agent that you can use to prevent swelling. Creams and lotions can hydrate your skin. Also, refrain from bathing in hot water. All these precautions are necessary on the first two days after your wax session, and soon, you will be fully recovered.